20 Questions – AdSense Approval Related

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20 Questions: AdSense Approval Related, Today in this article we are discussing about AdSense related top 20 Questions. If you are a blogger, you have a blog post website or you want to start blogging then this article for you.

Google AdSense has made many of changes to the approval rules that are currently required to run Google AdSense Add on a blog post website. The rules that Google AdSense has changed in recent times make it difficult for new bloggers understand.

Those who are already proficient in this blogging are not having difficulty understanding these new rules of Google. So they can easily rank their blog on the first page of Google. And they can easily Monetize Google AdSense on their website.

In today’s article we will discuss twenty important questions related to Google AdSense. I hope you find the answer to your question in these twenty questions today. I also hope that today’s article will completely change your perception of AdSense.

And help you get your blog post website approved by Google AdSense quickly. One thing to keep in mind before reading the whole article is that Google is a programming that controls AI Technology.

The whole process is controlled by Artificial Intelligence called Googlebot. It is very Sensitive so it should be used very carefully after getting or Applying approving Google AdSense.

Today top 20 question and answer for AdSense approval and applying also, how to maintain AdSense account and make it safe.

1. What is the Google AdSense ?

Google AdSense is a digital advertising program. Different companies are integrating Google’s digital advertising system to promote their products.

What is the Google AdSense

Where Google displays a variety of ads from different companies on your website or blog post website. And Google pay you to display ads on your website or blog post website.

2. How to Google AdSense works?

Since Google is an automated computer programming, Google reads the content of your website and displays ads that match the content of your website. For example if you write a article about motorbike then Google display motorbike related ads.

3. Is there an age to apply for Google AdSense?

Yes, 20 Questions You must be 18 plus age if you want to apply for Google AdSense. It must be accompanied by valid proof of identity such as voter card, PAN card, Aadhaar card. You need to have a bank account, It can be any bank. But we suggest you have Open a Bank Account In SBI, CBI.

  1. You must be 18 plus age
  2. Valid proof of identity voter card, PAN card, Aadhaar card etc.
  3. A bank account (Own name)
  4. A valid Gmail id
  5. Mobile Number (Must be associated with a valid mobile number and registration with Gmail ID with that mobile number)

4. I am not yet 18 years old, can I apply for Google AdSense?

Yes you can, This is one of the important 20 Questions. Here you need to create an AdSense account in your parent’s name. Your guardian must have proof of identity, bank account number and a valid email id.

5. What is the blog post website?

Blog Post Website is a place where you can write your articles and share them with people from all over the world. On this website you can discuss various topics, like Story, Science, Poem, Technology etc.

In a word, you can make various posts or Write SEO Friendly Article on this blog post website on the subject that you are an expert on.

6. What type of article or post does Google AdSense approve of?

Google approves AdSense for all kinds of article or posts any types of Subjects, but one thing to keep in mind is that Google only approves Unique Articles.

Google AdSense

Google will not approve your AdSense Application if you have copied the article from anywhere. If you have written your article own hands then Google will give you 100% AdSense approval.

Google never approves AdSense on any illegal activity or illegal article posts. If your website or article violates Google’s privacy policy, Google will never approve your website or post.

So when you create a blog post website you must keep in mind that you will not use any illegal word on your website.

Also keep in mind that if your article or website is not above any forbidden thing then Google will not approve your website. It is also important to keep in mind that your website or article does not violate the Children’s Privacy Policy.

7. how to create a blog post website in 20 Questions?

If you want to create a blog post website you will need a domain and Hosting. Domain is the address of your website such as your home address. If you need to send a letter to your home, your home address is on top of the letter so that the postman can deliver the letter to the right place or deliver the letter.

When a user searches on a topic on Google, if you have written an article on that topic, your website and article will show up on Google search page.

Your full article will not appear on Google search page. Google will show the first line in that article and in that article it will show the address of the website which has your blogging Post website address. Like – www.bloggingpost.org

8. What is the age of the domain to apply for AdSense?

Google has not mentioned any age in this regard. But we recommend to you Buying a domain you wait 21 to 60 days. Between this days you make your website perfectly. And upload more then 25 post in your website.

Complete all SEO requirement for your website. Submit your website in Google Search Console. In 21 to 60 days your web site will be indexed in Google search and Google Ranking.

9. Can I make blog post website without invest? 20 Questions

Yes you can, You can create a blog post website without any invest in using Blogger. Blogger is a popular website that helps you to create a blog post website. Here you can create a blog post site without investing any money.

But the problem here is that the address of the website that will be your domain will be the subdomain of blogspot.com. Example- www.yourdomain.blogspot.com

if you want you can change and make it custom domain. Example- www.yourdomain.com. You have to buy.

10. What is AdSense Site Behavior: Navigation error?

Site Behavior and Navigation error means your website does not match Google AdSense ads run requirement. Or your site scripts does not support AdSense ads running Scripts.

11. How to fix AdSense Site Behavior: Navigation error?

Site Behavior and Navigation error means your website does not match Google AdSense ads run requirement. Or your site scripts does not support AdSense ads running Scripts.

For fix AdSense Site Behavior: Navigation error you need change your blog post website Theme. Also you need change navigation menu bar with proper category. When you change this you will see that the error on your site has been corrected.

12. What is AdSense Low value content error? 20 Questions

In a word AdSense Low value content error means your website content no value. But it’s not exact meaning low value content.

  • Here low value content means your website articles are not unique some lines on paragraph are matching other website or articles.
  • You have not used copyright free images
  • Or you do not using proper keyword in your article or website.
  • Your article is not a SEO friendly article that’s why Google can’t read your article

These are some basic requirement for your website fix Low value content error.

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