API Service not Working in live Server php code

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API Service not Working in live Server php code: Friends, we who design websites through PHP coding, we often use API I code. But this code doesn’t work very often. As a result we have to face many kinds of problems.
And it turns out that as a result of not finding a solution, we have to change the programming of the plan.

This programming change shows that the loading of the website becomes too much so that the website cannot load properly and fast because we do heavy coding as a result.

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Different types of websites require different types of coding. Currently most websites that are built with php may need this API code for a variety of purposes.

For example if we create a website for bank IFSC code search using PHP code. Then we will need API code through which we can see all the details of the bank using the IFSC code of the bank. kotak mahindra bank near me.

In today’s short article we will discuss API code. Why doesn’t API code work in php code? And what is the solution? I will discuss all the issues in detail. So if you are learning new php coding or designing a website using php coding then today’s article will be very important for you. idbi ifsc code.

To understand why API code does not work and what is the solution, we will use Bank IFSC Code Finder API code today for example.

What is the API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. API is a programming that is able to communicate between two programming, that is, between two programming that can exchange information. Since the API connects between two different programming or between two applications through which data is exchanged, the exchange process is very secure.

How an API works?

Each API has different rules. How to communicate from one application to another or how to exchange data. How API code transfers data from an application to a web server according to its own rules depends on the rules of that API code.

  • The client application initiates an API call to obtain information – also known as a client request. This client request is processed from an application to a web server via the API’s Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and includes a request verb, headers, and sometimes, a request body.
  • After receiving a valid request, the API makes a call to an external program or web server.
  • The server sends a response to the API with the requested Data or information.
  • The API transfers the data to the application making the initial client request.

Why the API does not work on the live server?

Just because an API code doesn’t work on your Life server doesn’t mean that the UPI code is incorrect it could be a problem with your web hosting server.

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It is often seen that hosting provider companies block some third party permissions. As a result, the api code does not work. You must contact your web hosting provider for this

Why the API does not work on the live server

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Friends, different API codes work on different php versions. If any of your APIs do not work on your live server, then you must try to change your php version. I hope your problem will be solved 100%. API Service not Working in live Server php code.

For Example –

https://ifsc.razorpay.com/BANK-IFSC-CODE-HERE This bank IFSC Finder API code does not work in all php versions. If you need to, you can change the PHP version of your life server and check out this API. Get Bank details from IFSC Code Using PHP.

Friends, the main reason why a proper API is not working is the php version, so when you encounter any such problem, you must change your php version once and run the API, your problem will be solved.

Why we need APIs?

Friends, the API we need for a variety of tasks depends on what kind of website we are building. What kind of API code do we need? For example if our website is Bank IFC Code Finder then we must need Bank IFSC API.

  • Improved collaboration
  • Easier innovation
  • Data monetization
  • Added security

The last few words

Friends, I hope through today’s short article I have been able to tell you why API code does not work on live server.
But friends, this does not mean that all APIs cause such problems. There are some APIs that work depending on the PHP version.

I hope you enjoyed today’s short article. You must share this article with your family and friends. If you have any questions about air ticket, please let us know in the comment box. We will try to resolve your comment as soon as possible.

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