Best Keyword Research Tool for blogger 2022

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Best Keyword Research Tool: Blogging Post is a very popular platform from which people are earning a lot of money. We watch a variety of videos on YouTube and get inspired from there, I will also create a blog post website and there I will create articles with the subject matter I know and make money from it by inserting it in Google.

New bloggers have created their own blogpost website with the same hope but it turns out that despite creating the website they are not getting Google AdSense approval or even if they have AdSense approval they are not making money because they are not getting organic traffic from Google.

As a new blogger, we need to learn how to research your keyword on the subject matter on which you are writing your article or creating your blog post. Because without keyword research you can’t rank your Blog Post website or your article on the first page of Google.

Unless you can get your website or your article on the first page of Google or in the top 100 posts of Google or in the website, your website will not rank and you will not earn any income from it.

Even if Google indexes your website or article, if you do not show it on the first page of Google, then no organic traffic will come to your website from Google. Because your article or website does not use any keywords. So using the right keyboard will show your website or article on the first page of Google and your website will get a lot of organic traffic from Google which will increase your revenue.

New bloggers create blogpost, but they do not know exactly how to do keyword research or use a tool to easily understand the different types of keywords and then write an article on the keyword. So friends, don’t worry, today we will learn through this article how to do keyword research or what tools to use. We can easily do keyword research and based on that we can rank our website or our article in Google by writing articles.

Best Keyword Research Tool

Friends Keyword Research Blogpost The first step of the website or post. If you do not do proper keyword research SEO then your website will not rank with Google. So if you read today’s article in its entirety then I hope your will also have a clear idea about keyword research and you website can be rank successfully

Google Keyword Planner – Keyword Ideas

Google Keyword Planner is a standard keyword research tool for new bloggers. Without any investment you can use it. Hear you can research keyword like Average Monthly Searches, Competition, Average Monthly organic traffic and more. As new blogger I recommend that to you Google Keyword planner is the best for keyword research tool at first time.

Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner

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To use Google Keyword Research Tool you need to have an email ID and with that email ID you need to open an account with Google Keyword Research Tool then you can use Google Keyword Research Tool.

When your blog or your website rank in Google and you will make money from AdSense, you will buy keyword research tools.

Semrush – Keyword Research Tool

This is a keyword research tool you need to buy it to use it. There are many benefits to spending some money here. Many bloggers nowadays use this tool for keyword research because of its many benefits. This is why everyone uses it more.

Ahrefs – Keyword Research and SEO Tools

It is the most popular keyword research tool used. All experienced bloggers use this tool. This tool have all types of benefits. Like Average Monthly Searches, Competition, Average Monthly organic traffic and more.

Ubersuggest – Without any investment 3 keyword research

This is a good keyword research tool but you can do three keyword every day at no cost. If you need a full featured of this tool then you need to buy it.

Last few words

I would tell my new blogger friends that Google Keyword Planner will be the best for first time for keyword research, so I will tell you to use Google Keyword Planner in the first time without wasting any money.

When friends do research on a keyword, they must look at the search value of that keyword and the competition of that keyword. Because if the search value is high and the competition is low, it will be very convenient for you to rank that keyword or you can easily rank it in Google.

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