How to create high quality backlinks 2022 – Fast Rank in Google

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How to create high quality backlinks 2022: Friends backlinks are a very important thing for every website no matter what your website is. Backlinks help your website to be quickly indexed by Google, as well as help to quickly index all your website posts. These backlinks again help your website rank higher on Google. So these backlinks play a very important role for a website.

Friends, those of us who are new bloggers or those who have just started blogging, if we search on YouTube and Google, we can see that many websites are fast rank in Google.

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But despite our website being beautifully designed and writing important articles, our websites are not able to ranked Google. As a result, the amount of traffic to our website is very low or the traffic to many websites is not coming.

Although every article of our blogpost website is SEO friendly article and our blogpost website is completely SEO friendly, our website is not getting enough traffic. And our website is not able to ranked on the first page of Google.

Friends, no worries, today through this article we will learn how to create backlinks and how to use those high quality backlinks on our website. Please read the whole article then your idea about backlinks will be completely clear.

What is the Backlink

When a link to your website or post is added to another website. A visitor comes to your website by clicking on the link of your website or post after visiting that website.


When a link to a website or post is added to another website, the link to your website or post is called a backlink. get quality backlinks.

Types of Backlinks

Friends, there are two types of backlinks, one called Dofollow Backlinks, other one called Nofollow Backlinks.

Dofollow Backlinks – This means your website that is linking to other website or post. That website passed your website link for Ranking. As a result, your website gets a lot of traffic from the website. And Google ranks your website very quickly, At the same time, the domain authority of your website increases a lot.

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Nofollow Backlinks – This means your website that is linking to other website or post. That website Not passed your website link for Ranking. As a result, your website gets a lot of traffic from the website but that website not recommend for Ranking.

Friends Dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow Backlinks These two links are Incoming Backlinks. Traffic will come from that website where linked our website url

Others Backlinks

There are two more links. Which play an important role in ranking the website on Google. These are very important to make the website and article fully SEO friendly. These two types of links are called Internal Links and External Links.

Internal Links – Linking a post to another post on your website is called Internal Links. This means that you can link to a post on your website and many other posts. When a visitor visits your post, he can go to another post by clicking on that link. This increases the views of every article on your website which helps Google to rank a lot.

External Links – An external link is an outgoing link, meaning that traffic will flow from your website to other websites. It also plays a special role in the ranking of your website.

How to create high quality backlinks

Friends, it is very difficult to get a high quality backlink for our website. The reason is that backlinks are not taken from any website. Because if the Spam Score of that website is high, if we take backlinks from there, then that link will increase the Spam Score of our website. As a result, our website will have a huge negative impact on the ranking of Google.

high quality backlinks

So before creating backlinks we have to keep in mind, that the website from which we are trying to get backlinks has to Spam Score check how much. There are many online tools now available for checking website Spam Score, DA, PA etc. high quality link building.

Create high quality backlinks-

#1. Comment Backlinks – Friends, you can do a Google search for relevant websites on your website, Comment in the comment box of that website article, From there you can create a backlink by adding a link to your website. Be sure to check the Spam Score of the website.

#2. Backlinks from Profile – You can also get backlinks from big websites. That means you create pages with the name of your website on all those big websites. And add a link to your website in the website option in the profile. From where you will get High Quality Dofollow Backlinks.

#3. Backlinks from Guest Post – There are many types of article websites where they say, to write an article and get backlinks from there. You can also get high quality backlinks for your website from all these websites.

#4 In Article backlinks from other website – Friends, this is the most important and the best quality backlink. But it is very difficult to get this backlink. If you have an acquaintance whose website domain authority is very high and Spam Score is very low, then you can get backlinks from his articles for your website. Which will be very beneficial for your website.

In Article backlinks from other website

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#5 Buy high da backlink – Friends, nowadays there are many online websites from which you can buy quality backlinks. But guys I can’t say for sure if these buy high quality backlinks work properly.

I don’t know about it yet, Whether this get quality backlinks works properly for the ranking of the website or whether these buy high da backlink can increase the domain authority of the website

The last few words

Friends, a high quality backlink plays a very important role for your website. But it is very difficult to get this backlink. So I would tell you not to rush for backlinks, you focus on internal linking.

When your blog post brings the website to the right position, you try for backlinks. When your website is properly indexed by Google and every article on your website is indexed by Google, then you find powerful backlinks for your website.

It is true that backlinks are required for Google to index the posts on the website. Friends, even if you do internal linking, every post on your website will be easily indexed by Google.

I hope that through today’s article I have been able to tell you how to create high quality backlinks. If you have any questions regarding the backlinks of today’s article, please let us know in the comment box. We will try to resolve your comments as soon as possible.

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