How to Delete Transaction History in PhonePe

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How to Delete Transaction History in PhonePe? Like other developing countries, our India has been advancing very fast in terms of technology. These include the banking system. At present, many people in India use digital payment systems.

Many people in India now transact their money online. With the advent of online system, congestion in banks has become less and people save a lot of time. Because they can transfer money from one end to the other in a very short time at home with one click. how to delete history in phonepe?

There are many types of online transactions in India at present, one of which is PhonePe which is one of the most popular online payment systems in India. Everybody in India who transacts online has a PhonePe online payment system. The reason for using it more in India is because it is a very simple online payment system that almost everyone is able to operate.

A common question for PhonePe users at present is how to delete PhonePe transaction history? So friends stay with us through today’s article. We will learn how to delete transaction history from PhonePay. I hope that after reading today’s article you will have a clear idea about deleting the history of this phone. how to delete history in phonepe?

What is the PhonePe?

PhonePe is an online money transfer or payment system. PhonePe is currently a popular online money transfer and payment system in India. Which is used by a lot of people in India.
Friends, one thing to keep in mind is that PhonePe is not a bank, PhonePe is a third-party online payment system only.

What is the PhonePe?

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We have a lot of friends who think that PhonePe is a bank or banking system. Friends must remember that getting a PhonePe is not a bank, it is a third party online money transfer and payment system only.

PhonePe is definitely an Indian application. PhonePe is an Indian online money transfer and payment system. PhonePe is headquartered in Bangalore. PhonePe was first launched in India in 2015 as an online payment transaction system. how to delete phonepe transaction history?

Since PhonePe is a mobile application, this phone can only be used on Android and smartphone. PhonePe has not yet released any system that can be used with a web browser.

What can be done over the PhonePe

As PhonePe is a money transfer and online payment system, money can be transferred to any place in India in a very short time using this PhonePe. It can also be done through all kinds of online payments.

For example, online bill payment, electric bill, water bell, gas bill or payment of various types of insurance can be done through phone. how to delete phonepe transaction history?

PhonePe Online Payment System has a powerful and fast answering customer support. where you can talk to them if you have any problem and they solve your problem very quickly. Hence PhonePe is a very popular online payment system app currently in India.

How to delete transaction history in PhonePe

Friends, every bank has a system where when we do a transaction, the details of that transaction are saved for some later any work. In the same way, they save the details of each of your transactions by getting the PhonePe App.

It is very important to save the transaction history because if any transaction goes wrong, then these transaction histories are saved by every company and bank to solve those problems.

Delete Transaction History in PhonePe

How to delete phonepe payment history? Friends, it is not possible to delete the transaction history of any bank, either by us or by the user. Similarly, it is not possible to delete a transaction history in phonepe.

But when for some important reason we may have to delete or hide the transaction history. That can be deleted or hide the PhonePe transaction history in your phone through Contact PhonePe Support.

Follow the steps below to delete or hide this transaction history –

Step 1: First you need to login to your PhonePe account in Your Android or Smartphone.

Step 2: Now you need to open all the transaction history page. Where you will see your all the transactions and payment history.

Step 3: Now you need to click on the transaction you want to delete in your transaction history page.

Step 4: When you click, then full details will be displayed that transaction, as well Contact PhonePe Support will be displayed at the bottom, Now you have to click on it.

Step 5: Now you need to pick up a ticket with write message. Example – if you want you cant write this message, “Hello Sir, I hereby inform you, I want to hide or delete this transaction for some personal reason. if you done it I will be happy for you”.

Step 6: A ticket will be created in your name as soon as when you send this message.

Step 7: Now as soon as possible the support team will contact you to confirm your request.

Step 8: Once support team confirmed it by you, your transaction will be deleted or hide from your phonepe transaction history.

The last few words

Friends, I will tell you, you will not delete your transaction history without some very important reason. Because recent transaction histories are very important. If at any time any of your money transactions get stuck, you can get that money back from this history.

Because no bank or any third party digital payment system without proof will ever be able to refund you the amount of your transaction. So I tell you, never delete a transaction history without a very important reason.

Friends, I hope that through today’s article I have been able to tell you how you can delete transaction details from your phonepe app. I hope you like this article.

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