How to Fix AdSense Ad Serving Limit 100% Fix

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How to Fix AdSense Ad Serving Limit: Google AdSense is the most popular digital advertising system right now. Nowadays all the reputed big companies around the world are promoting their products digitally through any platform.

Among the various digital advertising platforms, Google AdSense is the most popular advertising system that is preferred and used by every major company around the world.

If you have a website or a blog then you can earn a lot of money from this Google AdSense. Once your website is monetized by Google AdSense, you can earn money from Google AdSense.

Just because you have a website or a blog doesn’t mean you can get Google AdSense approval. Google AdSense will only approve the AdSense of your website or blog if you follow the rules and regulations of Google.

There are many reasons for Google AdSense. Which must be obeyed. If your website does not follow any of these rules. Then Google will never approve your website for AdSense.

For example, there are many rules and regulations for the approval of Google AdSense. Similarly, there are many rules for maintaining Google AdSense after your website has been approved. If you do not follow these rules, Google will block your AdSense account.

When your website violates any of Google’s AdSense rules, Google notifies you of those violations. The email id you used to open your Google AdSense account. In today’s article we will discuss one such violation of Google. Which is what most of us bloggers or website owners have to face. How to Fix AdSense Ad Serving Limit?

What are the temporary AdSense ad serving limit?

Sometimes Google stops Google ads on our website or blog, that is, Google AdSense ads no longer display on our website, that time is called Google AdSense ad serving limit. If your website or blog is brand new and the action there has just been approved then this AdSense ad limitation is seen.

When AdSense for your website or blog gives them AdSense limitation, a notification comes to your AdSense account and it says temporary AdSense ad serving limit.

When we face AdSense Ad Serving Limit?

AdSense AdSense Limitation Error occurs when you violate AdSense rules. Many people say that Google gives AdSense limitation for the first time if you have a new account but my friend I will say it is not the right reason the right reason is that you have broken the rules of AdSense.

How to Fix AdSense Ad Serving Limit

The following reasons may come from the limitations of your Google AdSense ads. So be sure to check out the rules below and try to make sure these things don’t happen on your website or blog.

Invalid traffic

The biggest and main reason for Ad Serving Limit. If your website or blog gets invalid traffic then Google AdSense will set ad serving limit for your website.

Friends, to say invalid traffic, Google AdSense will impose AdSense ad limitations for your website if you or other person visit the website repeatedly or get impressions on the ad.

Direct traffic

If your website gets a lot of direct traffic as required, then AdSense will put a limit on your website. This means that your website needs to have a certain amount of organic traffic.

Direct traffic is when you share a link of your website or blog with your friends and they visit the website again and again through that link which results in direct traffic count. When adsense login you can see in your account.

Repeated visits

Google activate AdSense limitations for your website, when your website receives repeated visits from the same IP address.

For the first time, Google will notify you of AdSense imitation in your AdSense account. If you can’t fix the invalid tariff or invalid impression of your website during that time. Next time, Google will permanently block your AdSense account so that you will not be able to create a second account.

How to Fix AdSense Ad Serving Limit

Don’t worry friends, if this is the case with your AdSense account then follow these options below 100% AdSense limit will be removed from your AdSense account.

In addition to following these rules now, you need to follow the rules properly in the future.
Because if you don’t follow these rules of Google, your AdSense account will never be saved.
If you do the same thing over and over again, Google will block your AdSense account

Activate auto add – AdSense Account google adsense login, Activate the auto ad system.

Need organic traffic – In that case, you need to get enough organic traffic to your website. Submit your website and all post links to Google Search Console. When all your posts and websites are indexed by Google, you can get a lot of organic traffic from Google.

Remove all direct link – As much as you remember, delete those links from where you have shared links to your website and posts so that no more direct traffic will come to your website a second time from those links.

Fix AdSense Ad Serving Limit

Avoid Self visiting in your website – Unnecessarily, do not visit your own website again and again.

Do not delete Google AdSense ad code – If you manually add ad codes to your website or blog, never delete those codes.

When it comes to our problems, we all look for solutions on YouTube. Friends, I will tell YouTube Youtuber to delete the ad codes. You will never delete Google AdSense ad codes from your website.

Friends last you have to wait a while. When the amount of organic traffic to your website returns to normal, your AdSense limitation will be removed from your website.

The last few words

Since all these problems are coming to your website due to your own mistakes, following the above rules will 100% remove the Ad Serving Limit of your website. After following these rules you will have to wait for some time.

Never delete AdSense ad codes from your website or blog after watching YouTube. If you delete it, Google will realize that you are automatically clicking or making an impression on one of your websites.

I hope you like today’s article. If you have any questions, please comment in the comment box. We will try to resolve your comments as soon as possible.

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