How to make Front page Online? Beautiful format

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How to make Front page Online?: Friends, at the present time, the project has been launched in most of the subjects of our school and college. They need a beautiful design on the First page of the book of this project. Where all the subject matter of our class is written for example class roll number, section, subject name etc.

This first page in the project book is called Front Page but we can easily make this page in MS Word or Page Maker. But not all of us know how to work in MS Word or Page Maker. So it became very difficult for us to create this page.

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Page maker or MS-word is used to create all front pages but it is very complex and difficult that it is not possible for all people to do it, that is not possible for all students.

No worries friends, with today’s article we will learn how to create beautiful front page very easily and very fast. In today’s article I will discuss about an online page maker father from press maker website. This website will make you a beautiful project front page very fast and in a very short time.

Why we need a project front page?

Friends, school and college must have a front page at the top of the book for all those projects. For example, computer can be a subject or geography can be. There are projects in all these subjects. The front page above this project book is mandatory.

This page contains the subject matter that you created the project and your class, roll number, name, etc. are attached to it. As a result, the examiner can easily understand which subject matter you have created a project on.

Which class of students need this front page more?

At present most of the schools and colleges in India have projects in most subjects. At present almost all the subjects of all the schools in India have this project. Also all the engineering colleges of India have projects of all subjects and all the medical colleges have projects.

It can be seen that the front page of the project is required for most of the subjects of all the schools and colleges at present. But this Project front page is mostly used in engineering college and medical college front page is very mandatory to get a good number because if I can’t satisfy the examiner then I will not get the correct number.

This means that the examiner will never give me a number unless the contents of a project book are required or mandatory.

How to make front page online ?

Friends, at the beginning of the article I said that today we will discuss a front page creator website that will easily make us a very nice fan page in a very short time.

This is the name of the Front Page Creator or Front Page Maker website , With this website you can easily create beautiful front page on any subject. You can also make beautiful biodata ,cv, resume from here.

How to create front page?

  1. First you have to visit this website Biodata Maker
  2. Then click on the front page maker which is in the menu bar
  3. To create a front page you need to register where you need to create a name, mobile number and a password. Then click on the submit button.

Clicking the submit button will take you to your front page maker account page. You can see all your details in this fun page account.

Create Project Front Page

From this account you can create separate front pages for projects of different subjects of your school and college. To create a front page for different subjects, click on the Make Front Page option which is in the menu bar.

  • Click on Make Front Page.
  • Then you enter your school name, establishment and details of your subject, your class roll number, section, board roll number and registration number.
  • Then Click Submit

How to download Front page

Click on My Front Page option and from there you select your front page design and print option. When printing or downloading the front page, you can make it smaller or larger from the front page to suit your needs

The last few words

When you create a front page, notice that there are some more advanced settings in the My Front Page option after the front page has been created.

How to make Front page Online? Friends, I hope you enjoyed today’s article. If you have any problems with the front page, be sure to let us know in the comment box. We’ll try to resolve your comment as soon as we can.

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