How to write SEO friendly Article Which ranks first in Google first page?

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How to Write SEO Friendly Article, In this post we are going to tell you how to write SEO Friendly article which will get organic traffic as well as fast ranking in Google, why SEO Optimized Blog Post is important for every blogger, in this article we will tell you and if you don’t know what SEO is, then you must read .

Most bloggers start writing posts by creating a new blog and then they do not get organic traffic, the main reason for not writing SEO friendly articles, so after creating a blog you must learn to write optimized blog posts.

If you write Optimize Blog Post, then your posts will rank in Google and you will get traffic from Google as well as earnings will increase, so overall it has many benefits, then let’s know how to write SEO Friendly article.

How To Write An SEO Friendly Article?

The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization and here you are writing SEO Friendly Article, which means you are telling Google what your article was written about, through this Optimize Content for Search Engine. If you search on the first page of Google, you will come and your income will also increase.

Rank fast in Google first page

Below are important tips for writing a SEO Friendly article, which you should follow once you understand it well.

Keyword research

The same question must come to your mind that what is keyword research, I tell you the keywords you search on Google, for example, you search on Google – how to make money online.

This is your keyword and the next question is how do we do keyword research? You can take the help of Google for keyword research, for example, if you go to search anything on Google, the suggested keywords are shown below. From there you can compete as well as check traffic.

Ubbersuggest, Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for keyword research where you can easily check CPC, traffic and SEO difficulties but this tool can only do three or four keyword research in every day.

Keyword Research

When doing keyword research, you should work with long-tail keywords because long-tail keywords rank faster in Google and with them you can get short-tail keyword rank later.

Put the keyword in the title

The keyword you are targeting must be in the title of your article, it is easy for Google to understand what you are writing about. In Focus Keywords, the keywords that you are targeting, you need to put the same keywords in the title of your post, so that your articles rank faster.

Use keywords in the first paragraph

When you start writing an article, be sure to include your focus keywords in the first 10% of the content of your article.

By adding your keywords to the first paragraph, you get the advantage that your focus is placed on Google’s search results because of the keyboard and it automatically acts as a meta description, you can create meta descriptions with the plugin if you wish.

Use headings and sub-headings (H2, H3, H4, H5)

Using headlines and sub-headings in itself becomes a great job of an SEO because only by the headline can the reader know what is written in this post.

In H2, H3 heading tags, you add keywords like your focus keywords. Example my focus keyword is YouTube video download to pc then we can write YouTube video download to pc in Heading.

Whenever you write an article, many related keywords are automatically added to it, which you should make bold, so that the reader can see it, and besides Google, they can both easily understand what is being written inside the post.

Use table of contents

Whether you’re a Blogger user or a WordPress user, you must use a table of contents, which makes it easier to understand the content of Google and reader content.

Use table of contents on post

If your post is large and the user only needs to read a specific title, he or she can read the required data by visiting directly through the table of contents.

If you are writing an article called “How to Create a WordPress Website”, then you can link WordPress to any other site like the link may be from Wikipedia because it is a high quality site and Google is doing it too. Likes. Many sites like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple are high quality sites, you can add links to your site with them.

Make internal linking

If you keep writing about blogging, interlinking other blogging posts will reduce your bounce rate and increase traffic. Another advantage of internal linking is that if you put a link to a ranked article in another post, that post also slowly starts ranking in Google.

Optimize the post URL

Set the URL of the blog post according to the focus keyword, your URL should contain keywords related to the topic, try not to make the URL of your article too big. Permalinks of 70 to 75 words are considered good.

Add meta descriptions

When you write an article, you add your focus keywords in the opening paragraph, but when writing an article on Blogger, there is a section in the search box where you must add a meta description of 160 words, which you must enter. Your Focus Keywords, similar to WordPress also, have an alternative to Xperia in place of search descriptions, which can be understood as meta descriptions.

Some final word for this article

Friends, in this article, I have told you how you can write a Seo Friendly article and I hope that through this post I have removed all your doubts, if you like this article, please share this article on social media below. Please share with the button and ask us to comment on the next topic related to blogging. Thanks.

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