Logout page session destroy php code

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Logout page session destroy php code: Friends, it is very important to have a logout button on the welcome page of an account system website. We learned in the previous article how to create a welcome page using php. From the login page the user logs in to the welcome page with his username and password.

A session starts when the user logs in to his account. We send a particular data from that session to the welcome page. With that data we do all kinds of work on the welcome page. For example – displaying username on welcome page, displaying user’s mobile number, displaying user’s email id etc.

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A session can be used on multiple pages by starting a session with a specific data. When a session starts, that specific data is temporarily stored in our web browser and that is what we use on multiple pages. This is a very simple method that all major programmers use.

How to create logout page?

Open the File Manager folder on your web hosting server and create a php file, name it logout.php. When a user hits this page, his account will be logged out, meaning his logged session will be destroyed.

// starting session-------------
// destroying session----------

Save the logout page by copying the code above and pasting it into your logout PHP file. Now add this file to the specific place of your website’s user account profile as per your requirement then test the whole code once and see if it is working properly. Logout page session destroy php code.

The last few words

To destroy session logout or sen, this short code is fully effective. I hope I have explained to you exactly how to do session_destroy.

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