SEO Basics Rank on Google first Page

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SEO Basics: Search Engine Optimization At the present time Google is constantly changing their SEO rules because Google changes their SEO rules according to the needs of the users. Google is always looking at the needs of each user and Google changes their SEO rules based on what the user is looking for or what they need. seo tips

Search engine optimization is a very important topic for all types of websites. This search engine optimization controls the ranking of your website. In other words, if you want to come to the fast page of Google, then you have to do SEO properly.

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One of your websites is appearing on the first page of Google. But after a while you noticed that your website is no longer appearing on the first page of Google. This means that Google has changed the rules of their SEO. Next time, you will no longer follow Google’s rules for your website. So your website is not appearing on the first page of Google.

So for those who are just starting out blogging, it seems like a complicated process. But friends, I would say it is not a very complicated job, it does not require any kind of huge qualification.

So friends if you need to know about SEO then you have come to the right place today. Today we will clear the whole concept about seo tips through this article.

What is the SEO ?

The whole point of SEO is search engine optimization. This means that Google has laid down some rules for indexing every website or for ranking Google. These rules are very important for every website. These rules are called SEO.

What is the SEO

Without proper SEO, Google will never display a website on its front page. Many times Google does not index that website and all the content of the website if it is not proper SEO.

Mobile Optimization friendly SEO

According to Google’s current rules, people are increasingly using mobile devices to search everything on Google. So according to the new rules of Google, your website or blog post must be mobile friendly, that is, do mobile friendly SEO Basics.

Friends, making your website mobile friendly means, You need to make your website responsive theme. This means that just like your website will be open on computer, your website will be open as mobile friendly based on mobile.

When a visitor visits your website or your blog post website on his mobile. So that he can navigate or use your website properly even on mobile. In a word, your website should be compatible with the setup of the mobile when it is open seo tips.

Best WordPress Responsive Theme

If you are a blogger and you built your website on WordPress, I would recommend you to use this WordPress theme. This is the theme of proper blogging for mobile and computer.

Mobile Optimization friendly SEO

GeneratePress This is the best mobile friendly and computer friendly WordPress theme for blogging and it is a very effective WordPress theme for Google AdSense.

SEO Basics

Friends, since we know about SEO Basics, here are some of the main rules of SEO – if you built your website on WordPress, you will get various plugins for this setup.

#1. Title focus keyphrase – Friends, when writing an article, you must keep in mind that your article needs to have a focus keyword.

#2. Focus keyphrase in post Url – When you write an article, you must use the focus keyword in the URL of that article.

#3. Meta description keyword – Friends, when you write an article, the description of the article must contain the keyword based on which words you wrote the article.

#4. Image keyword – You need to have at least three images in your article and any one of the three images you are using in the article must have the focus keyword of your article.

#5. Internal linking – Every article on your blog post website needs to have at least one internal link. That means you need to add a link to one of your other posts in your post.

#6 External link – You need to have an external link in your article. One thing to keep in mind friends is if you are using an external link you will never associate it with any keyword.

This will drive a lot of traffic from your website to that website. Use it here only if there is a need. Also only use external links separately. If you associate the URL with a keyword, it means that you have recommended that website to rank.

#7 Low competition keywords – When friends are writing an article, be sure to check the keyboard of the article you were writing on. Examine how much the keyword has in search volume and how much competition there is on the keyword.

There are currently a number of keyboard Research tools available online, Using these you can easily find out the details about your keywords. I recommend that you use the Google keyword planner Tool.

SEO set up in HTML code and PHP code website

Friends, if you have manually coded your website, that is, using HTML and PHP code, then you need to setup the SEO code manually. SEO code for html Website – Full Guideline.

Website SEO cannot be completed using any plugin in case of manual website i.e. HTML code and PHP code website. SEO code for php Website – Full Guideline.

The last few words

SEO is a very important thing for any website to get on the first page of Google. When a website ranks on the first page of Google, that website gets a lot of organic traffic from Google. This greatly increases the domain authority of your website or blog post website

I hope that through today’s short article I have been able to give you the correct idea about SEO Basics. If you have any questions about this, please let us know in the comment box. We will try to resolve your comment as soon as possible.

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