What is the ACD?- How Anti Collision Device works?

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What is the ACD? We know that India is the 4th largest railway network system in the world. Trains are now a popular means of transportation. It is a popular mode of transportation for ordinary people to stay within the verses.

In India, thousands of trains run daily from one end of the country to the other. It is also important not to overlook the fact that when an object is moving at high speed it does not cause an accident.

There are many such train accidents in India every year in which many people lose their lives or get injured. To avoid this accident, Indian Railways has come up with a groundbreaking solution that can be used to avoid many accidents.

ACD can stop the train from Collision

In today’s article we will learn what is a groundbreaking discovery and how it works, who invented it and where it will be used, etc.

If you are an engineering student reading this article we can tell him that this article can be an important help to you as it could be your college project or a topic of discussion in a seminar. If you are an engineering student then you must read this article in full.

What is the ACD?

What is the ACD? ACD full form is Anti Collision Device. The ACD (Anti Collision Device) Network is a train-collision prevention system in Indian Rail way Networks.

Anti Collision Device invented by Rajaram Bojji and patented by Konkan Railway Corporation Limited, a public sector enterprise under the Ministry of Railways, Government of India. ACDs rely on GPS satellites for location updates.

At present the anti-collection device is being used on all the railway lines in India to prevent catastrophic accidents. The anti-collection device is a groundbreaking discovery in modern science. The two trains came face to face and were used to avoid accidents.

Which systems are used in ACD?

Anti Collision Device works Based on ‘Radio communication’, ‘Microprocessors’ and ‘ GPS (Global Positioning System) ’ technology.

  • Radio communication – Which is communicate between two or more devices.
  • Microprocessor – Its work like human brain. It controls all operational related works, Like Commination, Action Decision etc. 8085 Processor and some controller used in ACD.
  • Global Positioning System GPS – Is provided communication link between one train to another train which is connected Radio communication and Microprocessor.
  • ABS (Automatic Braking System) – Its work that time when processor send the instructions Automatic Braking System through Radio communication and GPS.

How ACD (Anti Collision Device) work?

When two trains meet face to face on the same line and the distance between them is less than 3 kilometers, the Anti collection device can automatically calculate it and the two devices connect to the ACD of the two trains.

How ACD (Anti Collision Device) work

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ACD Send instructions automatically to the automatic braking system at that time. Automating is done at a certain time and two trains get stop on the line. As a result, a head-on collision with the can be avoided, which can save many people lives and injuries.

Anti Collision Device also work Side Collision, Rear-end Collisions. No other technology in the world is capable of doing these things like an anti-collision device.

How ACD Communicated Between the Train?

Install anti-collection devices Trains always connected GPS and communication system with control room, and they keep exchanging information between them.

When it sees or understands any uncontrollable activity on the train’s devices, the device is activated and sends information to the control room. Device also activates his own control commands as soon as possible.

The anti-collision device also sends instructions to other ACDs that trains are within its specified distance. Then another ACDs activate their specific command

Where ACD used?

ACD Anti Collision Device is currently being used on all railway networks in India. At present, it is being prepared for rail network only. In a few days, it will be installed in all trains and stations in India which will help in preventing various types of accidents.

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